Each suite is an individually composed ballad of love and passion felt in the bosom of hearts of those fabulous artisans, architects, and interior designers that spent endless hours and days in trying to create a true masterpiece.Through the implementation of this exhausting resurrection project, antique doors and cupboards from the original houses, niches, stone fireplaces and carved rock shelving from the kitchens have all been carefully treated and restored with supreme care and attention.

    Above and beyond attention was paid to remain loyal to maintaining architectural and functional details: To exemplify a few, circular holes in the floor were original tanders (stone ovens), while small holes were pigeon coops and the larger holes were chicken coops. The larger alcoves were for animal feed – look closely and you will see the tether notches for the animals.

    Slabs of solid fine marble, travertine and natural stone, were brought piece by piece from various areas of Turkey to decorate the floors and bathrooms with ultimate elegance. Uniquely designed ironwork, produced by master craftsman, enhances both the interior and exterior of Tafoni Houses expressing a touch of Art Deco style. Our country’s most famous artisans, furniture designers and carpenters have joined their talents placing Tafoni Houses in a class of its own.

    Bathrooms are designed for modern luxury while jacuzzis, soaking tubs, glass shower enclosures (with rain and hand showers), in-floor heating and marble/travertine vanities and sinks are only a few of the extras provided. Every suite has its unique qualities that will pamper you.

    Suites of Tafoni Houses vary in size from 377 sqft 700 sqft having either a private or a large shared terrace.

    Capture the essence of Cappadocia staying at exquisitely decorated cave suites of Tafoni Houses.

    See below three categories of our suites with numbers and bird figures unique to each one. Once you click on the bird figures you can have detailed information about each accommodation.